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    Default whats the URL for sharing files through idisk

    I used to go into idisk and drop files into the Sites folder and then access them at this URL


    Now I cant seem to do this and get a 404.

    I have noticed that there is another Sites in iWeb folder and another one a couple of folders deep within that folder as well.

    Does anyone know where I can drop a file and the URL I would need to give someone to get it?


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    My understanding is that this promised functionality in Mobile Me has not yet been implemented.

    I use SugarSync to do this.
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    sorry, am a little confused

    whats that after username. should the filename be in there somewhere

    and is this for the Sites folder in Root or within iWeb?


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    johnnybegood Guest


    Use http://idisk.mac.com/*username*/?view=web to go to root, then pick the folder you want.
    The folder 'Web' contains the 'Sites' directory.

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    drop the file within the SITES folder in WEB which is in the root directory of your idisk


    ignore the other sites directory in the root directory

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