Anyone else bothered by this ? Every few days I would search for New APPs under "All iPhone Applications" and now APPLE decided to get rid of this search and make us search individual categories. I do understand why they made changes and most changes are welcome.

On the APP Store page they do provide a "NEW > See All" section but they only show selected APPs NOT new APPs and the What's Hot & Staff Favorites sections are not very useful to me, who decides what to include in these categories ?

When the APP Store opened I spent allot of time checking all the categories and since then I only checked the "All iPhone Applications" and clicked on most recently released applications, this made it easy to check for new APPs.

I can't seem to work out a simple way to check for recently released Applications on the APP Store. Doing a little research I found the following site that might also help others, check it out.......

Not sure if it's accurate as I can't compare this type of info in a simple way with the APP Store anymore