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    Default iPhone - Syncing 3+ Calendars, can it be done?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am having several people at work looking at getting an iPhone (great!) however I want to be sure that they can use the iPhone for what they want, rather then them buy it and then be stuck with a phone that is ultimately useless for them.

    One staff member in particular has three sets of calendars she needs to sync. At the moment she is using a Palm to sync her work (exchange 2003), her private practice (Outlook) and her home (Outlook). Preferably she would like all three calendars to sync with the iPhone as separate calendars (ie. different colours etc). Is this at all possible, or would they merge into one calendar (or worse, only sync one, erasing the rest)? I've been searching and all I can find is that one cal overrides the rest. Would Mobile Me help her?

    I still need to set up the iPhone support on our Exchange server so have told her to wait until I can test that it works fine (knowing our place and MS something will go wrong!).

    Any help will be appreciated!


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    Mobile me should work for this.

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