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    hi guys,

    As some of you may know, OSX natively and naturally supports display and input of foreign languages - Japanese for example.

    I have a friend who is running OS9, and he'd like to be able to at least read Japanese characters on his system. Upgrading to OSX is not an option.

    I briefly looked on my system, with 9.1 on a spare HDD, but couldn't work it out. I thought maybe full updates would help, but one failed and it won't boot to 9.2.1 - lol, so I gave up (this was last week).

    I also saw something about a Language Pack on the website (Apple support) but it made no indication as to how to download or order it.

    Does anyone know?? Cheers,
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    When installing the OS/ update you can choose to customise the install, and install a language kit (by default none are selected). Select your desired language(s) and install. To toggle languages Apple key & Space bar (or select from drop down menu at top right of screen (see little flag looking thingy).
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