Okay.. so some of you may have seen that I posted a thread about getting hit with the white apple logo of death after just moving icons around, and I thought to myself, well I'd rather not have that happen to me.. but thanks to Apple's buggy-ass software (or a 3rd party app which could have caused that too), I'd rather not have some half-arsed backup saved on a work machine or my laptop which I take with me everywhere.. okay so to give you a bit of a scenario:

I have a desktop at home where I do all my phone synchronising (iMac), and I also have a MacBook Pro which I take with me everywhere.. One plan I considered was to keep a back up of contacts, apps, and music on the laptop same as to what I have on my desktop at home (so that WHEN my phone will shit itself I could then restore it to something temporary to keep me through the day), OR what if I was to copy/pasta my backup folder from my iMac which is on

User/Home/Library/Application Support/MobileSync

Has anyone here happened to have tried that? copy over those backup files to another mac or pc, and say try to pick up the backup on an authorised machine?

Be curious to know what you folks use as a backup plan (no pun intended).. or do most of you just not care so much about that?