Hi all,

Our XServe G5 at work is behaving rather oddly. It features 4.3TB of storage, as part of the old Apple RAID system that went with the XServe G5.

Trouble we've been having is that it becomes unbearably slow when there's only 100 gig available on the RAID. The strange thing is, it gets progressively worse. The server used to get slow when there was 40 gig available. Then it became slow when 60 gig was free.

Are there any easy maintenance tips you guys and gals can provide to keep the server running more smoothly? Is it a fragmentation issue? As part of OS X 10.4 Server software, are they any utilities we should be using for regular maintenance?

I know plenty about keeping regular Macs running smoothly, but not an XServe with a RAID.

Thanks in advance!

- Alex