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    Default Problems with updating and installing MotionX Poker - error 0xE800002E

    Hi all,

    Just wanted check if anyone out there have had issues with synchronizing app updates - specifically I've experienced an issue with MotionX Poker. It is at the point there where I can't install the app from iTunes or directly from App Store on my iphone.

    • Day 1 - Purchased and installed MotionX Poker directly from App Store on my iPhone.
    • Day 4 - Sync my iPhone to my MBP, and noticed that MotionX Poker wasn't in the list of Applications.
    • Day 8 (that was yesterday) - On my iphone, App Store informs me there is an update for MotionX Poker - I purchased v1.11 and the update was v1.12. Proceeded to update on my iphone, and the process starts but fails to complete. Basically I get a semi-transparent icon on the home screen but I get an alert that it is unable to install, but have to install it via iTunes. When I sync via iTunes, I get an error 0xE800002E and that the app can't be installed.

    Since then I've googled and have found others have had similar problems and it seemed the cure was to remove the app from iTunes and from the iPhone, and then to reinstall onto iTunes and resync. I've tried this, and am still getting the error. I've even resorted to deleting the ipa (the actual application file) file - and then from the Applications screen in iTunes, trigger a redownload and resync - no go

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone out there have experienced a similar issue with this - and if you have, have you been able to get past it? I experienced a similar issue with "Todo" and "Palringo" when updates were available, but fortunately was able to reinstall andr resync it.

    Any help, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated....


    ps. I've emailed iTunes support and they(Apple) have suggested I call AppleCare and pay for support to resolve this issue - hhrummph.. .yeah, unbelievable. I've fired off a response reiterating this is an iTunes sync bug and have asked them to forward me to their tech support... sheesh!

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    Yeh currently experiencing the same with with the Palringo update however the reinstall for me did not fix it. Very strange error.

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