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    Default Laptop to iPhone to Internet - Possible?

    I know there was an App kicking about earlier this month called Netshare that allowed you to connect your laptop to the internet via your iPhone but apparently this was pulled by Apple/the Telco companies.

    Is there anyway to do this now?

    My wife is going to Melbourne for 3 months and will need access to the Internet. We have looked into signing up for wireless internet but at the moment we have found that you either have to sign up for a 24 month plan or shell out around $200 for the 'equipment'.

    It would be great to do it though the iPhone...or find a way of connecting that won't cost us a bomb.

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    I was able to sign-up to a month to month 3G modem deal with Optus. This was a while ago (and I still use it) and was on a business account.

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    The manual process, equivalent to what the NetShare app does in a pre-packaged way, is available for free if you are willing to jailbreak your iPhone, and have some confidence with command line operations on it, ie. incl. manually installing the socks proxy binary on it, etc.
    Just google "Nate True iPhone tether".

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