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    Default iPhone and Outlook Emails

    Hey Guys,

    Quick questions, i noticed in itunes there is an option to sync the iPhone with the email accounts from outlook. I did this; however, its not what i really want. What it does is puts the accounts on there and then it downloads the emails off the server.

    But, what i was after is similar to what happens on a Windows Mobile Device, where you sync the email accounts and it transfers the last 25-50 emails to the device and then updates them everytime you connect to the pc or update over the air. Is there anyway to do that on the iPhone? It worked with my mobileme (.mac) account and i can see all the emails but with outlook it doesnt copy any of them onto there and i often use the last week or 2 worth of emails while im on the go.



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    I'm using Microsoft Entourage (Mac's equivilent of Outlook) and I simply applied a 'Rule' that automatically redirects my new emails to MobileMe. Of course, you can apply this rule to older read emails aswell.

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    It sounds like you are using a POP account (probably from your ISP). POP is old technology these days and you are better off setting up an IMAP account. The difference is that POP will download the message off the server (and the message can be left on the server) but there is no way to know what you have and have not read - apart from reading each email.
    If you set up two devices on POP you get new mail notifications even if you have read the email. IMAP email reads from the server at all times and tracks if the message has been read or not so it can notify you accordingly.. So you can check email anywhere - iphone, web mail, outlook etc etc and always have up-to-date information. The problem with IMAP is that most ISP's do not support it. But gmail or yahoo do, so get an account, make it IMAP and start using outlook and your iphone in perfect harmony. (I think gmail even lets you use a domain instead of @gmail.com) I have a first gen iphone, checking gmail every 15 mins and I get great battery life - generally 2 days. The other bonus is you can change ISP without worrying about losing your email address.

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    I can confirm that you can access Exchange accounts as IMAP (assuming the server is set up that way). Mine is set up that way. I assume that is what you want.

    Outlook itself is just and application and can handle MAPI (Exchange), IMAP and POP accounts. You need to be accessing an IMAP (or Exchange/ActiveSync) account to get that functionality. It has nothing to do with Outlook.

    I am trying to get my IT guy at work to enable ActiveSync on an internet-accessible IP so I can get it pushed to my phone. At present, I have to VPN into the network, then use IMAP - it works, but it is not the ideal solution.

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