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    For those on a budget, a couple of Griffin iMics and built-in audio would seem a whole lot cheaper for hobbyist multitracking than anything by Edirol, mAudio, et al, but up until now, this wasn't possible. Mac OS X would only work with one sound device at a time.

    Tiger allows device aggregation! That means your Mac will be able to use built-in audio, an external USB or Firewire audio device, and in the case of Powermacs, a PCI soundcard all together to multiply the available audio input and out channels for a session.

    No biggy for pros, who probably run gadgets like the Firebox (dreams of a home studio with a wall of fireboxes <sigh />), but for Garage Band junkies on a tight budget, this means at least four ins and outs for the cost of a Griffin iMic (or possibly even stealing the kids&#39; Playstation Singstar mic adapter, but I haven&#39;t tried that yet )

    More info on the improvements coming in Core Audio here.
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    I wonder if that means you can have more than one audio out source as well... so you can send a certain mix to some headphones while having USB speakers playing different tracks.
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    Originally posted by stevejay@Apr 18 2005, 01:14 PM
    No biggy for pros, who probably run gadgets like the Firebox (dreams of a home studio with a wall of fireboxes.
    This is MASSIVE for pros, who used to be able to use devices from MOTU, RME, Digidesign, Metric Halo etc side by side under OS 9. Very, very important&#33;

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