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    I just ordered my first mac, a 12 inch iBook.
    I bumped the HDD up to 60G, and will install after market ram when I get it.
    As soon as I get it I will fill the form in for Tiger up-to-date upgrade.

    I can't wait to get a hold of it and play.
    As I have used linux before I am particularly looking forward to using the terminal.
    Are there any tips that you can give me on what to look out for when starting new with a fresh mac ?

    I am studying Software Engineering and want to be a Unix/Linux programmer so this little machine should be great for coding on the bus and train. Are there any other coders here that can give me tips ?

    I will post again when it arrives and tell you my first impressions.
    "Why are people so unkind", Kahmal
    12 inch iBook 1.2GHz G4, 60Gig HDD, 1.25GB RAM

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    congrats xatz, hopefully it all works well.
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    I got mine a few weeks ago & love it.
    Have a bit of Linux experience (Smoothwall / Slackware) however if you're going to be mucking around in the terminal a bit check out iTerm - much better interface.
    Notebook: Apple 15" MacBook Pro 2.4GHz (Penryn)

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    Enjoy the experience!

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    you wont regret it at all, i found the transition easy, now when i go on XP i am always looking for the expose` features. I ordered my ibook on the 11/4 (recieved 3 days later) so i missed out on the cheap upgrade , but i am happy to chill on panther for a bit. I am studying maths, and use various programs like maple,matlab,opendx and other scientific programs and also write a heap of "C", a good site if you into coding is


    thats full of all the mac goodies for parallel programing and stuff. One thing i reckon you should revise environment varibles and $paths, as you usally have to set them yourself when you complile a *nix app, have fun anyhoo and welcome to the club


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    Thanks for the tips, they are really appreciated.
    I will definitely check them out when I get my mac.

    Update: I ordered it Sunday afternoon online.
    Got an email today saying it was shipped on Monday.
    Such prompt service.
    Shouldn't be too long now.
    "Why are people so unkind", Kahmal
    12 inch iBook 1.2GHz G4, 60Gig HDD, 1.25GB RAM

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    Good to see that they are treating you well.

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    Congrads. I just sent off my paperwork to do the salary sacrifice through work, and it appears since the local apple reseller we deal with won't accept purchase orders, I will have to wait for the cheque run to be done again which only happens once a month (at the end of the month).

    I should have the approved purchase order in a week I hope, so atleast when I get that the supplier can allocate me a mac mini and powerbook 12" superdrive and know they will get a cheque at the end of the month for it (and then give me the goods at the end of may when the cheque is done).

    Oh the waiting

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    Well it arrived today.
    I am amazed at how quickly they sent it. It arrived on the right day as well. I graduated from my first degree today.
    I am enjoying it very much. I am writing this post from it now while sitting on the lounge.
    I haven't had a working laptop for a long time I missed the freedom. I am yet to explore the system fully but I have been tweaking and changing setting for hours. So much easier to find than in Windows.
    At first I thought it might be too small, but I was wrong. It is fine especially for what I am using it for (web, word processing, chat, coding). It is fast enough as well and I will test it for games on the weekend.
    I am enojying the experience so far and can recommend the 12 inch iBook to anyone.
    Although there is one thing I am having trouble with.
    In iTunes if a create a new playlist, how do I add songs to it from the library ?
    "Why are people so unkind", Kahmal
    12 inch iBook 1.2GHz G4, 60Gig HDD, 1.25GB RAM

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    if you create a smart playlist you can just set the terms by which music is selected. e.g. genre, or a keyword - you could put the word 'baby' in the terms of the smart playlist and all songs with 'baby' in the title would go into it.

    otherwise just click and drag.

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