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    Default How can I get an iPhone 3G from Optus?

    got email from optus they say...

    How can I get an iPhone 3G from Optus?

    Not a deposit holder?
    Don't worry, you'll get your chance to get your hands on a new iPhone 3G from Optus. Stock is strictly limited, though here are a few ways to get your iPhone 3G from Optus as early as possible.

    1. Try your luck and turn up to one of our participating stores on July 11
    If you want to try your luck, turn up to a participating store on July 11. Please remember deposit holders will receive priority queuing on launch day so you will only get the opportunity to purchase once all deposit holders are processed.

    To view a list of participating stores click here.

    2. Leave an order in store
    Your nearest participating store can take pre-orders from July 11 onwards. In the event of stock shortages, customers that pre-order will be given priority allocation in future iPhone 3G shipments.

    We recommend pre-ordering from July 12 when all customers will be able to queue on a 'first in, first served' basis.

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    Queue up at a quieter store and hope for the best?

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    I got 4 emails from them about the deposit holders and the midnight opening. I've been frantically calling around all morning trying to secure 2 16GB Black iPhones. There is apparently a national shortage of iPhones, Darlinghurst will not have any 16GB available for 3 weeks
    Alot of city stores are already sold out with deposit holders. The suburban stores are your best bet.
    (When I say suburban, I mean far out suburban).
    Not sure how Melbourne is affected by this shortage, but I think those of us who have paid a deposit and nominated a store, should give the store a call before Friday just to make sure they'll have stock of the one you ordered.
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    so basically were all screwed! lol.... I love it how vague everyone is, iv called 4 places asking how many pre-orders thay have the same reply "I have no idea"

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