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    Hi All,

    I've got some problems using iSync with my Palm V. Basically, not all info is transfered from
    the mac to the Palm (I have a TiBook 1GHz using 10.3.2 and Palm V using PalmOS 3.3).
    For example, a street address in the AddressBook will not appear on the Palm although the name and phone number will.

    I've not found a way around this other than going back to using Palm Desktop - I'd prefer
    not too as I like the integration of the iApps with the rest of the computer. I think the source
    of the problem might be that I exported my infor as vCards and vCal from Palm Desktop
    then imported them in to AddressBook and iCal.

    Any hints? Anyone else had this problem?


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    Hey def (duncan), and welcome to AppleTalk!

    I also have this problem with iSync, but with my T610. Some details are copied, while others are not. I'll be watching this thead for possible solutions.
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