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    Hey guys,

    My mum's in the process of buying one of those flashy new eMacs - the 1.25 GHz ones with a SuperDrive.

    Because I'm a uni student, I sent her a scan of my ID so she can get it at student prices from her local Apple Centre, and I think they basically knock $100 off the $1,600 pricetag.

    Doesn't seem so bad, but it's still a fair bit of money (he says, typing away on a dual 2.0 GHz G5 with a 21 inch screen - I swear, it's the uni's&#33.

    Anyone know if you can get the new series of eMacs cheaper anywhere? I haven't really bothered looking, cause I figure the postage to north-eastern NSW would be pretty high-cost. But I think I've managed to convince my mum that no matter which dealer you buy your Mac from, ANY registered AppleCentre (ie. her local one) will fix it for free.


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    I seriously doubt you would get it any cheaper at any apple centre, anywhere. Not with student discount anyway. I remember reading that if buying at student discount, the apple centre makes essentially nothing, and it's just like buying direct through apple.

    Plus, you gotta admit, $1.5K for a top of the line eMac with superdrive is not to bad at all.

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    There's no competition on educational prices, it's the same price regardless of where you buy it from in the country.

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