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Thread: Getting a DSLR

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    Quote Originally Posted by detail View Post
    Its called, for no obvious reason, the 1000D.
    I reckon it's named after the EOS 1000 which was a budget film SLR and was updated numerous times. Although I'm a Pentax guy, the EOS 1000 was a great camera in it's day...

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    In this range don't discount the D40 which is still available in kits from several outlets. It only has 6 megapixels (compared to 10 in the D40x and D60) but gives cleaner images, especially in low light/high ISO. An extra bonus is the fast flash sync speed of 1/500s (vs 1/200s of the D40x and D60) thanks to its hybrid shutter.

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    I would spend on the best glass you can afford - if you're an enthusiast, you end up off loading the cheap zooms and buying better lenses possibly as a result of 'lens envy', but mainly in appreciating lens is the single most important factor contributing to image quality. i.e. colour, contrast, DoF in everyday shots from a 50mm prime can be inspiring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3dward_Shaddow View Post
    I picked up a Nikon D40 for $600 from Harvey Norman a few weeks back after looking at all the camera threads. It's a very good beginner DSLR and am very happy with it, and for the price, not too bad.
    That's an amazing price!
    But I do agree, the Nikon D40 is a great beginners DSLR body, and the Nikkor lenses are very nice.

    Not sure whether you could get the body and the lenses for $900. But it's worth a try of course.
    However, it's not a good idea to buy cheap glass. It just doesn't pay off.

    Hope we could all be of assistance.

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    I have a Canon which I have had for a few years now which has been a great DSLR . They are so cheap now so its a great time to buy them, my canon was $1500 back in the day and now you can pick up the same thing newer model for $500-600 crazy.

    I would suggest any thing Canon or Nikon due to the quality of lenses you can buy after market or original at a larger cost. They are used by a majority of professionals for a reason.

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    I brought a Canon 450D a few months back, and it is a great little camera. However, i was less than impressed with the kit lense (18-55mm). If all you wanted to photograph was snapshots of the family etc, it would be fine, but otherwise, i would buy a body and get a different lens. I brought a 50mm 1.8 (prime lens) and am eyeing off a 28-250mm lense for my birthday next month.

    Would he consider getting it duty free for you so its still brought in Australia and you have warrenty etc? Also, i saw Teds have a sale on the 450D single kit for $1050 in this weeks green guide.
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    I lusted after and bought a Nikon D80 and 18-200mm lens. The only downside is the weight, and considering that the difference between 135 and 200mm is less than the numbers suggest, I reckon a D40 with the standard 18-135mm lens would be an excellent starting set-up. Now I often use just a 30mm lens.
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