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    Hi all,
    Some guidance from those with experience is being sought.
    I just upgraded my OS from X.2 to X.3 (next time I'll wait a year Apple&#33.
    My G4 (1.25ghz mirrored doors) was happily running 2 monitors when using OSX.2- 1 card the AGP ATI 9000 and my second card an old Rage Pro PCI 8meg card.
    After installing OSX.3 the PCI card will only show up as 256 shades of grey. After searching for an answer I learnt that this is due to the new architecture of OSX.3 and its graphics rendering which requires a minimum of 16meg.
    So, now have 2 options that I can think of :
    1. Erase OSX.3 and reinstall X.2 to get things happily working again.
    2. Find a PCI card that has a minimum of 16meg.

    I would like option 2 BUT PCI cards for the Mac are hella hard to source!

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hrrm, that sounds weird... I don't see why that would make a difference you should still be able to display in colours. Have you installed all the updates?

    Also you posted twice, I know it's easy to do but please try not too in the future. I removed the other post for you.

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    Your Radeon 9000 has dual desktop support - you are obviously unaware that you can do this with just the Radeon. On your video card you should see a DVI connector and Apple's proprietary ADC connector. Your MDD should have come with a DVI to VGA cable in the box and you can purchase an ADC to VGA cable here for a shade over $40 if you do not already have an ADC display.

    This is by far the cheapest and most practical solution as your dual monitor setup will always be supported by Apple.

    Good luck!

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    Apparently it's part of the new QUARTZ engine. OSX.3 requires a graphics card of AT LEAST 16meg. Hence my old faithful Rage Pro 4meg PCI card has been rendered USELESS by OSX.3.

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    Originally posted by 1800Messiah@Apr 28 2004, 08:02 PM
    Apparently it's part of the new QUARTZ engine. OSX.3 requires a graphics card of AT LEAST 16meg. Hence my old faithful Rage Pro 4meg PCI card has been rendered USELESS by OSX.3.
    I can see that you're pissed about this but Apple only support original configured machines when they update. In other words any stock or BTO configuration has a 99% chance of support after a major update. For example a friend of mine updated his video card from a Rage128 Pro to an original Apple GeForce2 MX in his G4 450. We updated his machine to Panther and guess what no more video AT ALL! After days of searching and reading I found that this is a very common problem for that particular machine with that particular video card. Original G4 450's upgraded to Panther without a hitch (I think it may be fixed now in 10.3.3 - not sure).

    Over time our older pieces of aftermarket hardware will no longer work...It's just the natural course of technology and unfortunately it has happened to you right now.

    Try my cable solution above - Im sure you will gladly toss that Rage Pro aside when you see the results.

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    Originally posted by 1800Messiah@Apr 28 2004, 07:32 PM
    Apparently it's part of the new QUARTZ engine. OSX.3 requires a graphics card of AT LEAST 16meg. Hence my old faithful Rage Pro 4meg PCI card has been rendered USELESS by OSX.3.
    ok, this is wrong.

    OSX 10.3 Quartz can run on any video card in software mode. Quartz extreeme which is the 3D rendered and advanced effects requires an AGP, OpenGL compatible video card with at least 16MB RAM.

    Having said that I have no idea what the problem is but it seems really weird that the PCI card works but in 256 greys only.

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    Thanks Atomic! I will look into getting that adapter.
    Just thought that, having a spare PCI graphics card, I could make use of the PCI slots in my G4 and save on rendering power on the AGP Radeon 9000.
    The cable option @ $40 definitely looks like the cheapest option - hopefully it will not affect DTP work when using PS and Pagemaker????
    I'm now overly pissed at the OSX.3- but a nice little "WARNING" would have been useful instead of me having to search the answer on the net.
    I assure you all that my 2nd monitor shows no more than 256shades of grey and no other monitor option.
    I was going to go back to OSX.2 but someone warned me about OS regression (reformat?).
    Thanks to all for your expedient responses.

    PS: Atomic- I did know that the Radeon supported dual monitors and I am currently using my connector which came in the box (the 2 monitors I have 21inch and 15 in are both analogue and have served me well over the last few years).

    Thanks again to all!

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    I do not beleive OS X.3 requires 16MB of VRAM a lot of people seem to think the requirements for QE are the requirements for OS X. Plenty of PowerBooks with only 8MB of VRAM can run 10.3, however a lot of cards are not supported, especially old crappy ones.

    There have been a number of posts here about flashing graphics cards, I suggest you get yourself Radeon 7000 and flash it, or get someone here to do it for you, they can be had for around 50 AUD and are dual headed cards so you could even drive 3 monitors, or completely replace your existing card, they are available in AGP and PCI. If you are considering replacing your AGP card however I would go with a 64MB Radeon 8500, they are some of the easiest cards to flash and work flawlessly, they are on pare with the Radeon 9000-9200 and cost 75-100 AUD second hand

    EDIT - guese my post is a little redundant now, I had meant to post it last night but got disconnected just before I hit post...
    2.5 GHz 15" MacBook Pro, 27" iMac, G4 Cube, 2 x Colour Classic, 840AV, iPhone, iPad

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