Hi all,
Some guidance from those with experience is being sought.
I just upgraded my OS from X.2 to X.3 (next time I'll wait a year Apple&#33.
My G4 (1.25ghz mirrored doors) was happily running 2 monitors when using OSX.2- 1 card the AGP ATI 9000 and my second card an old Rage Pro PCI 8meg card.
After installing OSX.3 the PCI card will only show up as 256 shades of grey. After searching for an answer I learnt that this is due to the new architecture of OSX.3 and its graphics rendering which requires a minimum of 16meg.
So, now have 2 options that I can think of :
1. Erase OSX.3 and reinstall X.2 to get things happily working again.
2. Find a PCI card that has a minimum of 16meg.

I would like option 2 BUT PCI cards for the Mac are hella hard to source!

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.