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    Sorry for the 1000 questions but you ppls have been really helpful thus far.
    Apart from my minor dead pixel issues...

    I've noticed the both the bottom corners appear slightly brighter than the rest of the screen.
    Don't think its an issue but just thought I'd better check. :P
    Notebook: Apple 15" MacBook Pro 2.4GHz (Penryn)

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    are you able to show us a photo of the screen as an example?
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    just take a screenshot....

    Ok i was kidding.

    Seriously though, my powerbook has an area of brightness in the upper left of the LCD. It isn't visible from straight on, but looking at the screen from an angle, you can clearly see the brighter patch. I'm assuming that this is the same with your screen?
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    could this be where the backing lights are situated?

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    Sounds like the same thing Ozi
    No camera Disko

    It's not a huge thing but I just thought I double check considering my lack of previously Mac & LCD experience.
    Notebook: Apple 15" MacBook Pro 2.4GHz (Penryn)

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