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Dunno what happened, I was just doing my regular morning browse through Mac forums, google, tuaw and suddenly it crashed. That popped up after the reload.

I'll post the console messages if anyone wants to have a look. Among other things it kept spewing SQL error messages, complaints the database is locked, asking its agents to rebuild database, bookmarks feed manager can't find PS Client, etc.

I was using a slightly outdated WebKit, not the standard Safari, but it's newer than Safari 3.1.1. I downloaded the latest nightly and it looks like it hasn't gone away.

Also somehow the dmg that I downloaded shows up with an MPEG4 icon.

Interesting... while typing all that, I reset Safari (kept cookies, names, passwords, text) and all was well aside from the fact that it beachballs for minutes on every launch.

I should add that this only just happened today, never before, been using webkit nightlies for months and on 10.5.2