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Thread: Address Book

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    I just went and deleted all the entries in my address book and just before I could transfer them to my T610 which I wiped so I could get rid of all the crap and bring it up to speed with my address book contacts. Don't flame me. Is there any way I can get them all back or am I gonna have to go hunting for my friends all over again?

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    Do you have a .Mac account?
    If so, it may have all been backed up there automatically....

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    Nope. :huh: I really should get one of those. Any other ways?

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    Nope, you're stuffed :P

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    Bit late now...but I create a spreadsheet with my contacts, as a backup.

    Keep that in mind for next time. Same things have happend to me, I learnt to back up the hard way instead of sitting there saying, "Backup, pfft." Now its more like, "You Don't BackUp? pfft"

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