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    Default Macbook Pro Start-Up issue

    Hey there fellow mac users,

    Um, well I have a friend with a Macbook Pro and he recently did the 10.5.2 Apple udpate and then when he went to turn on his mac in the morning after the update, it wouldn't start up as usual.

    Firstly the apple logo at the beginning starts to disappear as is replaced with a "no smoking sign - without the cigarette in middle" if you get what i mean, and then after they both keep going for a while then a file with a question mark appears and and then repeats itself over and over.

    I don't really know what's going on and neither does he and he is going to give it in to repairs soon but before he does I wanted to know if anyone has experienced this or knows anything on the topic?? (I'm curious if it should happen to me, so I just want to know as well)

    Any help would be appreciated

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    First, if your friend has another mac or can get access to one, connect it with a Firewire cable then boot up her MBP holding down the "T" key. Copy off any important data straight away. It will show up as a hard drive on whatever Mac it's connected to.

    Second, if that worked, you can use Disk Utility to "Repair Disk" then "Repair Permissions". If you're very lucky (I think not, because something else along the line has borked the system install) you might be able to reboot into a working computer.

    If there's no other mac, stick the original DVD that came with the MacBook Pro in to the computer and hold down the "C" key from power-on. This will boot from the DVD. Then choose "Disk Utility" from one of the menus and "Repair Disk" then "Repair Permissions" as above.

    If the Disk Utility trick didn't fix it, boot from the DVD as above and instead do an "Archive Install" also selecting "Preserve users and network settings. It's one of the choices that will be available via the "Options..." button on one of the installer screens. It will re-install the system files (but not delete anything else). Once that's all done, the 10.5.2 update can be done via Software Update (and the correspondingly huge download).

    If the hard drive fails to show up in any of the above steps, it's dead and time for a trip to the nearest authorised repair agent and I hope your friend backed up.
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