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    Default Office Mac 2004 reinstallation probs

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post and sorry to bug you straight up but I am really in a pickle.

    I had some framework problems with word and excel etc, so I reinstalled office 2004. Then I had office on my macbook twice. So I used the remove office program to remove it all with the plan of reinstalling it again from scratch. I also removed the license issue under advice from Microsoft.

    When I go to install it all works fine till I need to enter the Product Key. I had lost mine so I called Microsoft and they gave me a new one. It wont work or let me past this spot. I have tried entering it about 50 times in case of typos but still not luck. I called Microsoft back and they gave me a second code, still doesn't work

    Any ideas?? I am stuck with out office and desperately need it for Uni, I dont want to buy a new one, dont have the money.


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    ring microsoft back and ask why it is not working

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    after three hours on the phone to them today, I plan to try again tomorrow morning, but it is a bit of a concern when their support department knows less that I do, I am a real novice, yet I had to help the first guy out today, he couldnt even figure out how to find/use office removal. I was hoping someone on here might have already experienced this prob or have some better advice/trouble shooting to try.

    I did wonder if the updates I have put through since I first installed office 2004 might have been causing this prob? Or am I only allowed to re-instal office so many times with the student/teacher pack?

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