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    Default Superduper Back-up in Safe Boot Mode

    Advice required please:

    Whilst attempting to install the Bigpond wireless software from the installation CD I encountered problems getting my G4 PB (Tiger 10.4.11) to recognise the modem on a port - then I get the black "You need to restart your computer" screen .....

    Having turned off, the PB will now not boot - spinning grey wheel of death only. Managed to boot in safe mode and I now want to backup onto the external HDD before doing anything else.

    Problem is, I do not know whether I can (or should) backup in safe mode using Superduper since it overwrites any existing data on the HDD.

    Any help most appreciated

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    How long since your last backup - it would be easier to restore from the external HDD and have a functional computer again.

    Have a look at this webpage, sounds like someone had a similar problem.
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    If the Bigpond installer uses the Mac OS X installer, you could open it, then press command-i which will bring up a list of the files installed. It probably installed a single kernel extension which is screwing things up. You could then, in various ways, such as booting from the SD back-up, remove the installed files manually.
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