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Thread: Using fonts

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    Tassiecelt Guest

    Default Using fonts

    ..still much I don't understand about macs, I am running Parallels, I have a font on the Mac that I would like to use in a windows program, what is the best way to bring it across?
    thanks in advance.

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    I use boot camp rather than parallels so assuming they both have a windows volume on the desktop and you have a FAT drive you can drag and drop the font into (windows drive)/WINDOWS/Fonts. If it is NTFS then put the font on a flash drive and then do the same process in Windows. Of course parallels may have a much simpler way.

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    With Parallels, just drag the TrueType/OpenType font (I think that's all Windows can handle without 3rd party apps) onto the desktop of your Parallels session. Then install as per normal on Windows.

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