i have istat menus installed on my macbook 2.2 ghz 2gb ram leopard 10.5.1
what's bothering me is that the top 5 processes that are supposed to show on my cpu istat menu don't show all i get is the blank space where they should be.

now i am not 100% sure but before i installed growl i was able to see the 5 processes, i installed growl and the processes vanished, so i went and uninstalled istat and did a clean install once again, problem solved until i booted the mac today...the processes are missing, they do show in the activity monitor pane...

the fact that i can't see the processes isn't killing me, i can get around i look in the activity monitor...but to know that something isn't behaving the way it should in my machine IS killing me.

any help?


btw. great lil app.