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    Default First MB Pro - why only 2 gB RAM?

    I have the first generation MacBook Pro - 2.0 gHz.

    I've seen the "adress RAM issue" topic here.
    Is that the answer to this question as well:

    Why is 2 gB RAM the limit on my MBPro?
    - The Intel Chipset inside supports 4gB

    What will happen if I upgrade to 3 gB RAM?

    Hope you know the answer to this

    Martin, Oslo, Norway

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    4GB is for Santa Rosa chipsets.

    If you upgrade your Core Duo to 3GB, or 4GB, you address 2GB only.

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    I'm almost certain the first generation MBP will unofficially address 3Gb, they said 2Gb at the time because 2Gb DIMMs didn't exist when it was launched.

    Am I wrong?

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    thats my belief as well squozen, cant quickly find anything to confirm it tho'.

    mmm....maybe not, http://apcmag.com/3814/4gb_notebook_...t_for_macbooks

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    Its like the Rev B Macbooks support only 2Gb, but apparently can use 4Gb, or so one of the guys at work who has tried it tells me.

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