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Thread: changing icons

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    Default changing icons

    Gday all,

    I was going through the forum and noticed the post your desktop thread which inspired me to change all of my icons. Only prob is that i dont know how. Can someone please help?


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    Apple have a really handy guide for doing so Mac 101: Change Your Icons

    Check that out - outlines it all step by step. If you have any further questions fire away!

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    Click once on the icon you want, to highlight it.
    In the Finder, click on the top left menu item: File and scroll down to: Get Info.

    (This can also be done on the keyboard by hitting + I).

    An Info Window will zoom out of the icon.
    At the very top-left of the Info Window, there'll be an image of the icon again. Click once on this image to highlight it. Then click on menu item: Edit and scroll down to: Copy.

    (Or use + C).

    Then click once on the Folder you want to change, to highlight it, click File and scroll down to: Get Info. In its Get Info window, click once on its Folder image to highlight it, click on Edit again and scroll down to: Paste.

    (Or use + V).

    Close both Info Windows.

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    Grab Candybar mate. It is all sorts of awesome!! It allows you to change all the icons and save sets of icons ect.

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    Do these still all work with Snow Leopard? I thought it killed icon changing.
    "Murder, she says. At a time like this?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dust For Eyes View Post
    Do these still all work with Snow Leopard? I thought it killed icon changing.
    There was an update for SL Works a treat!

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