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    Default Intel Sensors iStatPro vs. Menu

    Ok so I have iStat pro running - just brilliant, been using it for a LONG time now. It can read my fan and temp sensors no problem without installing any sort of new module...

    iStat Menus, however, needs to install a module? I don't get it... why can't they both just use the same code to read the temps and fan speeds?

    The last time I installed that module and then a system update was pushed to my machine, the reboot was stuck. I had to completely reformat/reinstall. Aside from this problem, why the need for the module if iStat Pro doesn't need it?



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    Nobody has a thought on this?

    Has anyone asked this previously? I couldn't find it in my limited search of the forums...

    Would be nice to talk to someone about this.

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    Just a bunch of licensing issues unfortunately. (sorry for the ultra short reply - just heading out)

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    Really, wow... but aren't they both free pieces of software? Or am I remembering that incorrectly? I've had them both installed for so long now.



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