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    Default How to transfer/import Windows Firefox Profile to Mac OS X Firefox

    I have just recently switched from a Windows machine to an Apple iMac.

    To transfer my Windows Firefox Profile containing all my Bookmarks, Themes, Extensions Add-ons etc I did the following.

    I downloaded Firefox for Mac OS X using Safari and installed it on my Mac.

    On the PC close Windows Firefox and locate Firefox's profile which is usually in:

    C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\********.default

    Copy the entire \********.default directory to a USB stick or data disk etc.

    Plug the USB stick into your Mac.

    Ensure Mac OS X Firefox is not running. If it is click on the Apple icon top left of the Finder menu bar and select Force Quit, then select Firefox and quit.

    In Finder under "Devices" locate and open the USB stick and locate the ********.default folder and copy the entire folder.

    Now goto your Home folder in Finder and open ~Library\Application\Support\Firefox\Profiles\ In here you will see an already ********.default created folder. Leave it alone. Paste the Copied folder. It will appear next to the original default folder.

    Now for safety sake create a new profile to assign to the folder you just Pasted in. (This will ensure if something goes wrong you can revert to the default profile.)

    To create a new profile open Terminal, and type in the following: /Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/MacOS/firefox -ProfileManager. This launches Firefox’s Profile Manager. Give your new profile a name, browse to the transfered/imported folder and select "Make Default". Close Terminal and you’re finished.

    Fire-up Firefox and all your Bookmarks, Themes, Extensions, Add-ons etc should be there. I currently use 13 Extensions/Add-ons and one Theme.

    The Theme I use is from "Mostly Crystal" and she does code for Windows/Mac & Linux.

    NOTE: Some Themes, Extensions, Add-ons etc. may not work or behave the same as they did on Windows. If this is the case uninstall the offending ones and try and find a Mac version from the creators site or Mozilla's Add-on site. For myself I had no problems

    EDIT: 20/04/08 - Though Mostly Crystal's theme works in the Mac OS version of Firefox2, she can provide no support as she does not have a Mac - See her FAQ.
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    ... or, if you are running Firefox 2.x, you could do it the easy way with FEBE, the Firefox Environment Backup Extension.


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