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Everything is great but when we import the file structure to the iMac we get only some of the folders and no contents. Can anyone tell us where we're going wrong?
I have always had success with the method used at the top of this post. You must "Compact" your mail within Thunderbird once you have brought it across from OL and you must "Rebuild" you mail once you have imported it into Apple Mail.app. I use the little program "Speedmail".

However I originally wrote this post in December 2007 and there have been several updates to Thunderbird since then and therefore things may have change within Thunderbird. If you are still having problems you could spend US$10 and buy O2M or give Eudora Mailbox Cleaner 4.9 a whirl.

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Also, even though I exported all of his address book data from Outlook and into Thunderbird (where it shows up just fine and dandy), I can't see it anywhere in the ******.default folder to then import it to Adress Book.
To export Thunderbird address book:
Note: The address file is in the ******.default folder as Abook.mab

In Thunderbird, open up Address Book
In the Address Book window, select the address book that you want to export.
Go to the "Tools" menu and select "Export...".
Enter a name for the address book, select "LDIF" from the drop-down list, choose where on your computer you want to save the address book, and then click to save the file.
Copy over to your iMac Desk Top
On your iMac open up Address Book
Go to File, Import and choose LDIF
Choose the file on your Desk Top and click open

Hope all this helps.