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    I was sitting here with my iBook and my sisters shitty little untrained dog came storming in and jumped on my iBook.

    Now, after several restarts, my keyboard is unresponsive and pressing some keys activates shortcuts etc.

    Also, when I click any icon on the dock, it opens finder and shows where the program resides on the hard disc.

    NOT happy.

    Anyone got any advice?

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    sounds like you have a stuck key !!
    sounds like the apple key

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    Not good.

    Not sure what do m8. Maybe talk to a Apple ServiceCentre.

    Best of luck!
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    Sounds like your key(s) are stuffed. Because when you hold down the key and click an icon in the dock, it reveals it in finder. I would make sure both the keys are not stuck in the pushed down position.
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    fyi, the ibook keyboard keys are easily removable. so gently pull the key off, and see if it's stuck. then put it back on. be gentle, and trust me, it won't break if u do it as such.
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