Hey guys,

Recently i purchased a linksys wagn325n (wireless adsl modem), to run via ethernet for my pc, and wireless for my macbook 13 c2d running tiger. Since setting this up i havent been happy with its performance at all. It does not constantly supply my me with wifi, the internet connection will randomly drop all the time. But its not like i have lost connection with because i could still access it through the browser settings. However when running through ethernet everything works fine.

I have since updated to leopard and at first it seemed to solve the problem for about a day, but then it started to happen again, sometimes dropping connection completely without even access through browser settings.

Im curious if anyone out there uses the same modem, or have experienced similar problems with any wireless routers/modems. Would really like to find out whats happening. I spent hours on the phone to linksys and they couldnt figure it out, and have set up a return replacement, but the store i bought it from doesnt have any in stoke at the moment, so i would rather wait and have a crap connection then no connection.

It just seems weird that it will work rad sometimes, and then decide to not work at all. Yet can still be accessed through the browser most of the time, when normal internet wont work.

Also, why doesnt apple sell an adsl airport, not just a router? is this right?

Also be interested in what router/modems you all use,