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    Default Problem recognising a wireless network

    My wife's Macbook is visiting my office and I cannot get it to recognise my office network - it's an all Mac network connected to a Belkin router. When I pull down the little airport symbol on her computer, I don't get a list of networks with "Other...", nor do I get an option to Creat a Network. I suspect that someone's been messing about with VPN stuff (which she doesn't use), as the little ray symbol is shaded pale grey with a darker grey arrow rising through the centre of it. Not sure if I've provided enough information for someone to help me with this!

    Cheers, Andrew
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    If the network is "closed" then it wont broadcast its name for machines to pick up. If you know the network name, you can connect to it.
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    Pop into the Internet Sharing section of the Sharing Pane in System Preferences to see if sharing is turned on. I think that's what the little arrow you are talking about is referencing.
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