New Mac user here, so you'll have to go easy on me. Yesterday I purchased a DVI to Video cable so that I could hook my Macbook Pro up to my TV with s-video. It all went well, but it is a widescreen TV, and I was only getting a 4:3 ratio picture from the s-video cable (at least I assume that was the problem... I only have 4:3 resolutions available to me in the display preferences). I thought I would be clever and try to overide what signal was being sent out, by googling around a bit and eventually trying DisplayConfigX and SwitchResX.

This is where it all went wrong. I tried DisplayConfigX first, and it didn't seem to allow me to change anything effectively because it was not registered(?), but it was, esssentially, still working. Then I tried SwitchResX instead, and I don't know what I did, because now whenever I plug in the DVI-Video cable, it starts to switch resolution, but gets jammed and I am left with a blank TV screen and a blank (blue) macbook screen; like when it is trying to display a new monitor. At this point, even if I unplug the cable, it does not unfreeze. I am forced to restart from this point.

I have tried resetting factory settings in SwitchResX, but ofcourse, that is just for the main laptop montior, and I don't have access to the s-video connection without having it plugged in (which freezes it up). I have tried plugging in a normal LCD monitor, and it still works perfectly. But if at any point I plug in the DVI-Video cable (even without it connected to the TV on the other end), it just freezes up. I also tried going into remove the settings I'd wrecked by doing a mount -uw / at startup, and going into the Displays/Override section... but honestly, i'm way out of my depth at that point.

So, yeah.. any help would be extremely appreciated. Sorry for the longwinded post, but I've tried everything my newly anointed mac-brain can handle.

Thanks in advance for any help!