Hi all.
As of last night the screen on my 900mhz g3 ibook started to flash on and off, then half of the screen went light blue and the other half dark. it then froze. after rebooting nothing happened, so i turned it off and took the battery out. i then started it again and it worked fine for a few minutes before flashing (like when a tv isnt tuned properly) and froze. at the time i was trying to burn any important files to cd. i turned it off again.
This morning i turned it on and it booted but after abouy 15 seconds and began flashing and the screen again went black. i can still hear a quite hum though indicating that it is still turned on.
I could also hear these little clicking noises coming from under the keyboard when it is booting up.

Has anyone else had anything remotly likle this happen, or does anyone know what these problems might mean?????

Thanks for any input..... :o