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    Hey Dudes,

    I just bought a new external DVD burner for my Mac Mini from the local computer parts shop down the road.
    It's a Pioneer something something something. I've got it running through the USB, but it doesn't show up on the desktop like my external hardrive does.
    When i put in a DVD tho it'll start playing as normal.
    The problem i'm having is in teh actual burning process. When i use DiscBlaze or Roxio Toast Titanium, the thing won't even start to burn.
    I've got a feeling that it's because i haven't installed teh actual drive yet, but the bloody CD i got with it is a PC disc ARRR!

    Can anyone help me out with this? It'd be GREATLY appreciated...

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    What does it say about the drive in system profiler? It has to be apple shipped/supported to work mate. Also it wont show on the desktop like a HDD unless you know something i dont.
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    Try patching the drive with PatchBurn ( http://www.patchburn.de/ ) a great little app that should make your drive work with finder, itunes, iphoto, and perhaps iDVD (if u have iLife '05, u can make a DVD image to burn onto DVD with Disk Utility/Toast)

    see the FAQ: http://www.patchburn.de/faq.html

    edit: unlike external hard drives, external (and built-in) DVD drives don't show up on the desktop unless there is a CD/DVD in them, (which is a logical way of doing it, really)

    edit *again*: was Toast supplied with the DVD burner, or did u purchase it separately? If it came with the burner, it should work, so...

    can u burn with iTunes/iDVD?

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