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    Default Documents not showing on desktop

    Apologies if this has been posted before (and I am sure it has), but does anyone know what causes what I will refer to as disappearing icons on the desktop?

    Essentially, when I download a document to my desktop, its icon does not appear after the download (or transfer). This has only recently happened in the last day or two. I did have this problem before, but if I restart the computer the icons show up on the desktop.

    Any ideas?

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    Ii have recently had the same issue, if i reboot they appear... wierd

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    Yeah. I have had this issue for a while. If I use the command line they are there and if I action a command on them they usually appear.

    Weird, isn't it? It seems to happen randomly and hasn't occurred for a few weeks.
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    I found this awesome little contextual menu utility called Nudge.

    It essentially does the same as a Refresh in Windows.

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    Thanks Jarrad - that program helps, and as you said, just like a right click in Windows to refresh

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrissara View Post
    Thanks Jarrad - that program helps, and as you said, just like a right click in Windows to refresh
    Glad you like it

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    Relauch finder work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by titan44 View Post
    Relauch finder work?
    I think relaunching Finder is a bit excessive...

    It's not like Finder is hanging, it's just not displaying the folder contents correctly.

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    same prob

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