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    Default Jonathan Ive wins GQ's Product Designer of the Year

    I just saw this on the U2 website. Edge from U2 presented Jonathan Ive with the Product Designer of the Year award at GQ Awards in London. Congratulations Jon you are a genius.


    'Hands up anyone who owns a Zune...'

    Edge was at the GQ Awards in London earlier this week, honouring Jonathan Ive the designer of the iPod.

    'Okay! Hands up anyone who owns a Zune?’. A solitary arm was raised in reponse to Edge's question at London’s Royal Opera House. 'Who owns an iPod?' Surprise - almost every arm in the room shot up, which was Edge's cue to celebrate the achievements of his good friend Jonny Ive,

    'The iPod is such an integral part of our lives that it's hard to believe there was a time when it didn't exist. But there was. Remarkably, someone went to work one day, stared at a blank piece of paper, and dreamed up this beautiful, clever, desirable piece of kit. GQ's Product Designer of the Year is the creator of the iPod, the iPhone, and quite simply everything we know and love about Apple. He brings beautiful objects to the masses, he is the truly gifted Jonathan Ive.'
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    Jobs may get a lot of (deserved) accolades for what he has achieved at Apple and certainly isn't afraid of hogging the limelight (comes with the ego I guess). But Ives must run Jobs a very close second with regards to his influence on Apple.

    As has been said before, probably one of the most influential british exports.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac Ram View Post

    As has been said before, probably one of the most influential british exports.
    Makes me proud
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