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    Default The Games That Changed My Life

    I've always loved video games. Ever since my parents got me a Sega Master System in 1989, they've been a major part of my life. They've kept me inside on beautiful days, given me a reason to stay in my room when parents are arguing, have been my friend when no-one else will and been my blinkers to the opposite sex.

    These are the 10 that I remember most fondly:

    Command and Conquer (1995 - PC)

    I remember receiving this game off a friend on 14 floppy disks, then talking about it at school so much that the teacher constantly sent me outside as I was disrupting the class. I hate Kane so much that I didn't even play as NOD in C&C3 (which is also awesome).

    Sim City 2000 (1995 - PC)

    The entire SimCity line up is excellent - Sim City 4 is a resource hog, but still perfect. Even when I view cities now on a map, I imagine them as Sim City layouts, with industrial zones, commercial zones and residental zones. I'm still waiting to live in an Arcology!

    Grand Theft Auto 3 (2002 - PC)

    This game has it all. It's probably the perfect game. It's non-linear, so you can do what you want. It's set in the New York crime underground and has perfect atmosphere. You can bash random people and hijack cars. Police chase after you. You can kill those police. You can even drive the goddamn taxi and get paid to do that for the entire game if you want. The soundtrack is fantastic and even the graphic design of the game is excellent.

    Metal Gear Solid (1998 - PSX)

    I played this game non-stop over 2 days in a hot summer's night, as it was too hot to sleep. It was unusual at the time to have a game where you had a gun, but you the aim wasn't to run into a room and shoot everyone. The gripping story really got you sucked in. And Psycho Mantis making your controller vibrate in a pattern on the floor - very slick. Hideo Kojima is a genius and this game reflects that. I still haven't got a PS2 to play the other MGS incarnations - MGS4 may be the reason why I buy a PS3.

    Gran Turismo 2 (2000 - PSX)

    The real driving simulator - they sure did mean it. I think this is the game I've sunk the most time in (maybe besides the Civilization series). The amount of detail is extraordinary. Forza Motorsport 2 has more detail now, but Gran Turismo came out almost 10 years before it. I chose GT2 as it's GT1 but with more detail, hah - I even did the endurance races. 24 hours straight for a race? I did it and won

    Postal (1997 - PC)

    I first played postal when I was 15 - all that teenage angst came out in the form of setting fire to marching bands and killing innocent people execution style. The most warped and violent game ever and I love it because of that. "AHHHHH MY LEG!!"

    Alex Kidd and the Lost Stars (1986 - Sega Master System)

    The first game I really remember getting stuck into. Alex Kidd was Sega's poor man's Mario. But for an 8 year old, it didn't bother me. It's a bizzare game, full of Japanese quirks. You'd only really appreciate it if you played it before - there are much better implementations of the platform game (like Mario for example), but this is what started it all for me, so it has a space in my heart forever.

    Quake 2 (1997 - PC)

    OpenGL and Glide baby! Quake 2 looked awesome (along with Unreal) on my dual Voodoo 2's in SLI mode. The essential first person shooter.

    Civilization 3 (2001 - PC)

    I blame Civ 3 for me ending up in TAFE instead of uni out of high school. I discovered this game during year 12 exam study period - not a good time to get addicted to a game. Being a social science nerd, this game fascinates me. I always play it in the least aggressive way possible as I always end up losing in all out wars, preferring to win via having the most advanced technology tree. It's interesting to watch different people play Civ, a lot about their personality can be found out by how they go about winning the game. Civ 4 is a further enhancement to Civ 3, but Civ 3 gets the nod here as it's the one that got me first.

    Championship Manager 01/02 (2001 - PC)

    I've always been a bit of a soccer tragic (less so lately, but definitely back in high school) and this game let me come up with all kinds of weird formations and tactics using my dream team of players. I would spend hours writing down first 11's and scouting young players from Scandinavia so I can win the Champions League. So much stats!

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    Aug 2004


    Command and Conquer is available for free now. _b

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    May 2005


    Marathon 2
    "The need is not for, say, half a million -inch drill bits. The need is that there are ten million -inch holes that need to be drilled." - Robert Noyce

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    Ahhh...the first two bring back memories

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    Royston Vasey


    I'm still addicted to this:

    Am I sick ?

    ... or just out of date... ?

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    Sydney, Australia


    I loved the original SimCity and SimCity 2000!
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    One of the most innovative 1st person shooters/rpg's ever made on the pc.

    VIDEO NO WORKY The intro...

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    Melbourne, Victoria


    Here are some of mine:

    Police Quest: In pursuit of the Death Angel (Apple ][ - 1987)

    This is where adventure games started for me (well, almost - Mystery House was the first). You drive your own cop car, play cards to advance the plot, and get into situations that feel like something right off the tele.

    Wings of Fury (Apple ][ - 1987)

    My favoritist game on the Apple ][. Blaze away at little people running about on islands, trying to get to their machine guns to blow you up. Torpedo the ships, dogfight the planes, then try and land that wretched plane back on the carrier, which just happened to be moving up and down with the ocean. I hated that carrier.

    Sim City (Mac - 1989)

    I remember the AUSOM meeting where Sim City was being demoed... and I remember the jaws all hitting the ground at about the same time. The original, the best.

    Street Rod (PC - 1989)

    Bring the cars into the garage, check the papers for replacement parts, then head out and race for pink slips. Eventually you race The King, and rule the roads. The perfect game for the young petrolhead...

    Railroad Tycoon (PC - 1990)

    I learnt about Europe from RT, as well as parts of the US. RT was massive, and never once felt like it was stopping you from trying something out. Full control of everything - signals, trains, stations - it was the ultimate sandbox for kids of all ages.

    Capitalism (PC - 1995)

    Wikipedia sums this one up best: "As a real world model it is necessary to take into account land cost, overhead, demand for the products, and competition. The player can build several types of firms including department stores, factories, research and development centers, farms, mines, oil wells and also logging camps." This is it - my favoritist game ever. The most intense, diverse, complex, incredible simulation of the entire supply chain, from farmers and mining though to retail, advertising, R&D & marketing, bar none.

    Command & Conquer (PC - 1995)

    I bought this at Propellerhead in Camberwell, and rushed home to give it a run. I loved it; C&C just oozed cool - the music, the units, the missions.

    Star Trek: A Final Unity (PC - 1995)

    The coolest adventure game since Heroes Quest. Controlling multiple characters at once, working the Enterprise bridge, fighting Klingon starships in 3D at tactical. The graphics were great, the sound was authentic, it was all just sci-fi awesomeness.

    Baldur's Gate (PC - 1998)

    The definitive roleplaying game. The first of the Infinity engine games, BG started all nice and easy, and with no possible idea of the places that both it and it's sequel would take you. The best AD&D since Pool of Radiance and the Gold Box series.

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    akaddk Guest


    There are classics of course like all the AD&D SSI games and Skate or Die, etc. but if we're talking LIFE changing... World of Warcraft.

    Hands down it's the most addictive, most life-altering game ever made. 9 other million people agree with me

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    1983. I was in Year 9. Jetpac was the 1st game I ever bought

    1983. Another Game I bought. Manic Miner

    But then the "Golden Era" - Saberwulf, At

    ic Attack, Knightlore

    All was quiet until my 1st year of uni when these two come onto the market (circa 1987)

    But the most iconi game? Thats 1986 with Lenslock!!

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    Galaga (BBC Micro)
    Spy Hunter (Atari 800)
    Asteroids (Atari 800)
    Xenon II (Amiga)
    Stunt Car Racer (Amiga)
    IK+ (Amiga)
    Speedball (Amiga)
    Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
    Silkworm (Amiga)
    Populous (Amiga)
    Superfrog (Amiga)
    Turrican 2 (Amiga)
    Hard Drivin' (Arcade)
    Rush (Arcade)
    Futurama (Xbox)

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    Starscream Guest


    Battle toads


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    Apr 2005
    Canberra, Australia


    I second Deus Ex, Civilization, Sim City and Grand Theft Auto. (Although, I'd put Vice City ahead of 3, because I played that first).

    I'll add the Exile series and Myth: The Fallen Lords. (I still remember the first time I saw a trow). I give an honourable mention to Escape Velocity.

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    Aug 2006


    Sinclair Flight Simulator

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Version 1.0

    Microprose F117A Stealth

    An so on.....

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    Any games before 1990 should be banned for being unimaginative and just derivative works of anything down before that time

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    The One... The Only...

    Dark Castle

    If it weren't for that game... I'd maybe.. possibly be using a PC right now.
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    Perth, WA


    Final Fantasy VII.

    First console game i ever played, still the only one that i have ever felt sad at the loss of one of the characters.

    It made me feel my feelings. No other game has ever really done that yet.

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    Tokyo & Melbourne


    Dune 2
    Goldeneye 64
    Grand Theft Auto 3
    Half-Life 2

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    Feb 2004


    For me:

    1. The arcade version of Galaga. Soooo many 20c pieces disappeared :-)

    2. Tunnels of Doom on the TI-99 4/A

    3. Test Drive on the C64

    4. Speedball 2 on the Amiga

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    Somewhere Slaying Vampires


    I cant remember the names of most of the games i used to play on C64 but damn there were some sweet games.
    I loved the sonic games and the mario games after that
    Modern day its definitely the gta3 series.

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