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    Hi all,

    I'm experiencing some flakiness under 10.3.6 on a 15" AlBook, and although I haven't done much troubleshooting myself, just wondering if anyone has any ideas.

    I've just switched to a unlimited hours, unlimited session time dial-up plan with Westnet. However if the session seems to run over 12 hours (only twice so far) the connection seems to "freeze", ie not nicely disconnected, but the menubar timer gets stuck at whatever time I was up, and MenuMeters, which I use to display upload/download speed, gets frozen at whatever was the current ul/dl rate. Both times I was using the BitTorrent client, and it also got "stuck".

    General flakiness then ensues - although running apps will trundle along, some apps will have trouble quitting, even force-quitting via the Dock, and the force quit menu "command-option-Esc" doesn't seem to want to appear. "kill" commands issued via command line also don't seem to have much effect.

    I have seen similar flakiness under some earlier versions of OS X on a 15" TiBook, but this is the first time for the AlBook.

    Anyone using extended dial-up sessions? (ADSL would be nice, but sadly not really an option for myself at the moment).

    Cheers, mike.

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    i have had 72 hours + on my sawtooth with iinet.

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    OS X has HORRIBLE dialup support.

    The first thing you want to look for is an AppleScript called "End Hanging Disconnect". Then you want to be prepared to be doing it almost every time you have a problem. Good news is, it usually works the first time.

    OS X's horrible, horrible modem scripts were the reasons why I got broadband (well.... one of the big reasons). They regularly scrolled "Disconnecting" forever (which EHD fixes), wouldn't dial in (which EHD sometimes fixes, although it's not a published feature), would give obscure, Windowslike messages for whenever it experienced an error.

    E.H.D. is just an AppleScript which runs 5 calls to the UNIX program "kill" and kills pppd. It gets automatically restarted by the system. Beware that the way Applescript sends passwords to UNIX is plaintext, so if you're not on a secure machine, don't get it :P.

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    Yes I used to have the hanging disconnect problem on my TiBook, but thankfully that seems to be fixed on the current book. This is a different problem. Does anyone know if 10.3.7 included any changes to networking/dial-up?

    neilrobinson, just having a look at iinet, does the iidialup2 plan have any session limits? Might be a bit cheaper than Westnet...

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    yeah kinda... i was quite often on for days thou... use to dial in sunday night and not disconnect until thur/fri quite often.

    i have broadband now (1500/256 & waiting for iislam for 8000/1000) :P so i am not sure what they are still like - they have always been good to me thou.

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    Do the usual, Run the Permissions fix in Disk Utility. If the OS is hanging, either you have software problems, or you need to re-seat your RAM - it's quite common to have badly seated RAM in those machines (I own one).
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