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    Default InvisibleSheild notebook protectors


    While trolling the internets for contraception of the Canon SLR flavour, i found invisible shield.

    I was surprised that they still offered top casing protection for ibooks, as i currently have a ibook G4, thats still in very good condition and would like to keep it that way.

    Anyone had any experiences with invisible sheild products on laptops?

    I know alot of macbook pro users wont be using any protection, but the macbook and ibook owners with shiny covers might have these?

    oh and did a search but its not working?

    Feel free to comment, or delete if this has been repeated a zillion times.

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    I have it for my ipod - nice protection. They do warn that it is no good for black macbooks. Finicky to put on, but superb scratch protection

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