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    BlowMeDown Guest

    Default Huh an I Love Lamp copy?

    The Plasma Tube Widget looks just like an earlier version of I Love Lamp

    This is the greatest motion lamp widget to ever see the web. Real 3D motion and fluid liquid movement like never seen before.
    Is this ethical? Anyhow I'm not so sure it's the greatest motion lamp widget to ever see the web

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    Yeah. Hahaha.

    I guess it's a compliment.

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    Hey competition among features can only be a good thing...

    The internet definitely needs more than one moving goo widget

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    BlowMeDown Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by marc View Post
    Yeah. Hahaha.

    I guess it's a compliment.
    Yea they do say that

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    From the Developer's website:

    "Oh , and one more thing ... It's Gigantic!"
    Does something that does nothing productive need to be gigantic?

    "This Plasma is like no liquid you've ever seen and it simply defies the laws of gravity and physics."
    But, isn't ILoveLamps's best feature that it realistically looks like a lava lamp - with the goo acting like real lava? Would saying that your lamp defies the laws of physics be like saying that it kind of sucks?

    EDIT: Had a quick look at a YouTube demo and it actually doesn't look that bad. My bad :o

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    Quote Originally Posted by WonderBoy View Post
    From the Developer's website:
    Had a quick look at a YouTube demo and it actually doesn't look that bad. My bad :o

    The video doesn't look nearly as good as the real thing.

    I developed the widget, with no intention of harm to the I Love Lamp ... as it's running right beside my plasma tube on my dashboard.

    Fact is I downloaded it , and I found that it's a little too slow for me , I'm on my dashboard for only a few seconds, but when I'm there I wanna see some action

    The other thing is I didn't give a hoot whether it looked like a " lava lamp " because it's not a lava lamp , it's a plasma tube .. and the liquid inside it certainly acts like a strange liquid never seen before

    As for it being a copy , not at all

    iSlayer seems to have an idea how to do these better, and his is alot more complex and developed further into a widget than mine .. I was just aimin for eye candy

    I'm sure he'll verify if he looks at my code that it's an entirely different product from the ground up , although inspired by I love lamp certainly ..

    Most innovations come from inspirations of other good products

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