Just wondering, does anyone think that the iPhone OS may appear in other devices? It seems it would be perfect for a touchscreen device.

For example, one use I have for my Newton is to read me RSS feeds while I make dinner. The speak text extension has a mechanical voice, but its does the job admirably well for a 10+ year old device! Now, with the excellent new speech in 10.5, how great would it be to have a silky voice read the days feeds while doing something else.

I think there is a market for a device that uses a simplified UI like what the iPhone has, but with a larger screen (say the Newton 2100 size) with touch capabilities. It would do the following:

- iChat
- RSS feeds (and read them out)
- email (read it out also)
- the web
- specialised video player that hooks into the news services ie press the "news service" icon and a selection of video feeds pop up (CNN, Reuters, ABC etc)
- the new iPod menus (video, music, podcasts)
- the ability to add specialised apps that take advantage of touch screen and speech eg a recipe program that displays small video of the dish being made, plus the recipe being read out.

I just think that for a good chunk computing functions, the simplified iPhone OS might be a better option than the desktop-based OS X. Bit of a paradigm shift, but I think the Surface technology from Microsoft shows that interacting with a UI doesn't have to be with a keyboard and mouse.