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    Default The Ultimate Slideshow

    I am putting together a DVD of my sister's wedding and she only had stills taken, so it will be primarily slideshows.

    I am having trouble getting exactly what I want though. iDVD 5 doesn't do the Ken Burns effect, neither does DVD Studio Pro 4.1 (frustrating, as I can do everything else in it!). iMovie HD 5 does, but it seems to have a much more limited number of transitions, with less control over the behavior of each one. iPhoto 5 slideshow capability comes close but again you can't control many aspects of the limited transitions it gives you. I thought about Final Cut Pro, but unless there's a Ken Burns plug-in, I'd have to manually keyframe about 600 photos at beginning and end to get the KB effect...not looking forward to that!

    Can anyone tell me if you can get extra transitions for iMovie, or a plug-in for DVD Studio Pro or FCP to add the Ken Burns effect? Maybe there's another app out there that's just for making slideshows?

    I need:

    - fit to audio
    - Ken Burns effect
    - lots of transitions and finite control over them (not just duration and direction)
    - very good quality rendering

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    Boinx make a good one - it's called Fotomagico. Take a look
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    secconded Fotomagico, very pleased with itů although it doesn't have as many transitions as keynote & DVD studio pro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by something2sea@gmail.com View Post
    secconded Fotomagico, very pleased with itů although it doesn't have as many transitions as keynote & DVD studio pro.
    I like Fotomagico too and while the number of transitions may be "few", in my view it is very easy to get carried away with using too many. It's a little like font madness in the early days of desktop publishing. Professional movie editors use very few transition types.

    My current interest is speed between slides for an attempted attention grabbing introduction. No transitions or Ken Burns, they come later, just three or four very quick cuts. Although I'm using the "cut" transition, I don't seem to be able to get less than 2 seconds. Am I missing something?

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