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    I love how people twist words to derive new meanings. When people tend to think of Apple's plans, their thoughts are almost always to simplistic. From the article: Peter Oppenheimer was quoted as saying:
    “We are very confident in our ability to compete in the marketplace. And we're very excited about what we have in the product pipeline, and you know that I can't comment on that,” Oppenheimer said. “As regards cell phones, we don't think that the phones that are available today make the best music players. We think the iPod is. But over time, that is likely to change. And we're not sitting around doing nothing.”[/b]
    Note that "what's in the pipeline" competing with mobile phones doesn't necessarily mean a mobile phone, it could mean something that keeps people choosing iPod's over phones for music playing and other features, just as the capacity and features of the iPod are far greater than that of any phone currently available. The "sitting around doing nothing" just cements the same thing, which is that Apple isn't just sticking with the same ideas. The evolution of the iPod has shown that.

    This doesn't mean that Apple won't come out with a phone ever. But I'm absolutely certain that Apple wont just ask Moto or any other manufacturer to make a phone for them in the manner that everyone's been predicting. If they did, they wouldn't be offering anything unique compared to what's already available.

    The problem with comments about mobile phones, mp3 players and PDA's is that, despite all the hype, noone has created a multi-featured device that actually is both a good phone AND a good PDA AND a good music player (or any combination of those two). As soon as anyone has tried to combine a phone with a music player or PDA, something goes out the window - features, drive capacity, size or price, or most importantly, battery life! Noone likes the idea of their phone going flat while listening to music!

    The nail in the coffin, at least for Apple is, the mobile phone market is so cutthroat, with customers often expecting to get phones for nothing. I doubt Apple would have a hope in hell of selling a phone for $1000 (that's what it'd end up costing) when you can get great phones almost for free.

    I'm very sure that eventually the technology will make it feasable, so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Apple have toyed with developing music-playing phones. By the time it matters, I'm sure they'll have spent at least a good couple of years developing whatever it is we end up seeing.
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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(ipod_man &#064; Dec 19 2004, 12&#58;15 AM) [snapback]25478[/snapback]</div>
    woah.. apple has just sued an "unnamed person" for releasing information about a "unreleased product" could be the iPhone&#33;
    i bet apple makes a fair bit of their dayley &#39;sueings&#39;.

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    I completely agree with everything Currawong said.

    Also, think about the past. Apple make very big, bold, calculated moves. Unlike most of their competitors, they don&#39;t release several competing products to see which one succeeds (Sony anyone?).

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