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    Hi Guys

    I have $2500 (perhaps max $3000) for a compact laptop to be used when travelling and also as a home music player. I intend connecting it to my Plasma and receiver when at home and using iTunes to select and organise music. I may also use it to play downloaded videos etc on my tv. Connecting to my receiver allows me to use my existing floor standing speakers.

    I would want a large HDD, the larger the better, good wireless and perhaps a remote would be helpful so I can use my current learning remote to change tracks etc.

    My current favourite is the MacBook. Is this a good option ? Any tips or suggestions ?

    Thanks for reading and for any help

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    As you probably know the SATA hard drives in the Macbook are easily swapped by the user. A 160 GB SATA 2.5" HD is now available.


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    Get yourself an airport express to connect up to your stereo to play music through your existing speakers. It's wireless so no cables between your macbook and your stereo.
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    hanks for the suggestions guys. I am checking out a few today. They include the MacBook obviously which has many advantages. Also the Dell XPS M1210, Asus W5F-G049P, Fujitsu Lifebook (Centrino 1.2G/80G/10.6"SWXGA/XPP).

    The MacBook seems to have the better specs, however is a little larger but does have some good features, Frontrow, digital out, firewire, dvi etc etc.


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    The big difference between the MacBook and the Dell/Asus/Fujitsu is the OS they run. OS X is the real must have feature on the MacBook, not the HD size etc.

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    I checked a few out today and alas the MacBook is too big. The footprint of the laptop is very similar to my current work laptop. So, whilst it has many advantages I have to exclude the MacBook.

    The Dell XPS M1210 is a good option and I can get it with
    Media Centre and 120 gig HDD and 1 gig ram in my budget. It also has Firewire and SPDIF audio out.

    The Fujitsu Lifebook is the best looking and best size. However the 1.2 ghz processor worries me. But as all I want to do is to store and play my music and photos as well as connect to my tv and surf the net when overseas perhaps it will work okay.

    The ASUS U5A also looks the part and has slightly better specs.

    A compromise need be made somewhere, hmm, decisions, decisions......

    However, as I need move away from the MacBook I will not bore you any more.

    Thanks for your help.

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