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    i recently downloaded msn messenger for mac. ok, it downloaded and installed an icon in the dock and also on the screen, their also was a picture icon of a drive and the file was labbeled microsoft.

    Now the drive has dissapeared and so has the msn icon in the dock??? The only way i can get to msn now is by going into the original file i downloaded which is labelled messenger511.dmg i click on that file which was originally the intall file. The window that appers is like a finder windows thing and it has the msn messenger icon on it i click it and im on msn??? I'm just wondering wat is going on?? I am new to apple computers to..

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    In the white rectangle box that appears when you open up the original file (messenger511.dmg) drag the icon that says "MSN Messenger" or "Messenger" (I'm unsure what the exact name is) to the applications folder.

    This installs the application, and it will remain in the applications folder until you delete it. Then drag this icon into the dock.

    It's weird I know the first few times...... but this is how most apps are installed in Mac OS X, just drag and drop them!
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    welcome to the world of disc images...
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    Then once you have opened this Application...
    to keep it in the Dock even after you close it...
    right click on the icon in the dock and select the
    "Keep In Dock" option.
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