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    I am trying to install Windows XP on my Macbook. I go through the steps of creating the Mac Drivers CD and the partition. Then I choose "Start the Installation" I insert the Win XP CD (slipstreamed CD) it sees it OK and restarts the Mac. All I get then is a black screen with a white flashing cursor and it appears to be doing nothing. Anyone had this problem? Any help is appreciated


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    Can you see any prompts to press enter? Try pressing it anyway.

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    Just tried that and it did nothing

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    Are you using XP service pack 2?

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    Give it a go without the slipstream. I dont know why it wouldnt work with it, but give it a go anyway without it.
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    Bootcamp says it needs a Windows XP SP2 install disc (aka it must be a slipstreamed disc with atleast SP2)... so a Windows XP disc without SP2 slipstreamed to the install media is likely not going to do nothing more then what its not already doing.

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    Yes that's correct, apparently the drivers created by Boot Camp are written for the SP2 version of Windows XP. In any case it turned out that my slipstreamed CD was duff. I found some new instructions that resulted in a disc that actually worked and here I am typing this from my Windows installation on my Macbook

    Thanks to everyone for your help.

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