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Thread: PC Fonts to OSX

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    Hi All,

    Probably a common question, but I have an enormous amount of Fonts on PC (paid for) which I need to convert to OSX. I have recently used a trial version of CrossFont4.1 to good effect but this has expired and I wanted to get your ideas before I purchase or download again. CrossFont did a good job with most - converting both Type1 and TT to either OSX TT or Open Type but some remain damaged for various reasons.

    Can anyone suggest a better alternative?

    Cheers amd thanks in advance...

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    Where are the dameged reports being generated from?

    Extensis X1?

    If so, id love it if you could post any resolutions you have found as i've lost a massive number of fonts due to the same reason.
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    I have had a look at these apps and Transtype seems the go; but at $170+ it warrnats further investigation. CrossFont does the job for $49 so must compare. However TranType Pro claims to keep encoding, codepages, etc.

    Does anyone/you know if tis works as well as it claims?

    Linotype FontExplorerX picks up the worst scenarios and is a free download from Linotype. Sorry lost the link but if ou want it let me know.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Originally posted by butron@Mar 30 2006, 08:29 AM
    Probably a common question, but I have an enormous amount of Fonts on PC (paid for) which I need to convert to OSX.
    I think I'm missing something in your post. PC fonts (TrueType and OpenType) work on Mac OS X without conversion. Are you using a different format to these two?

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    TrueType should be natively supported from OS X 10.2 onwards.

    However, if you still need a converter, check out this page:

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