These pages keep me from having to remember URLs:

It's based, obviously, on the mac website. The link "boxes" are based on the Google topic advertising that runs down the right-hand-side of a google page after a search.

It's in it's 3rd graphical design now. The first was just the 'google' boxes and an overall googly look. The second was a less refined version of the mac-based one you see today.

I update the links more frequently. There's an older version (in 2G graphical forum) here:

The top tabs: 'donttrythis' is my infrequently updated website. 'forums' is the forum links and opening page. 'general' is another tab page, with general links on it. '.Mac' is a link to the Apple Australia site. 'bigbluepond' is a link to a friend's website. the others do nothing.

hope you like it!